Dear Trusted Books Author,

I have some good news and some sad news.

First the sad news. Our leadership team has made the decision to shut down the Trusted Books division and the DRB GlobalConnect processes. We have come to this decision due to rising prices across the board in our industry and the COVID affects we have had with staffing, shipping, low book sales volumes, etc. We have attempted to maintain our system for you since the demise of Wine Press without raising the prices or changing the agreement we promised to keep with you. But last year we lost money on the entire TrustedBooks division and felt we needed to make this move. There simply was not enough TB authors ordering reprints of their books to keep the system going. This means that we will no longer be your publisher for your titles and will revert all rights back to you as Author.

Here is the good news! We have worked out an agreement with Lightning Source International, a division of Ingram Books to transfer you to their system. This is the partner we have had from the beginning of establishing Trusted Books. LSI/Ingram is our company partner doing the actual printing, shipping, and processing the orders you make for your books. They are also the company that listed your book for resale on Amazon and other important outlets. Because of this relationship, they already have all your files on hand and have agreed to make the simple switch for you to their “Ingram Spark” system so that you become one of their independent self-published authors, at no upfront charge to you.

This transition will take place over the next 30 days. You will have until the end of October to complete filling out the needed form with Ingram Spark to make this transition. Any Trusted Books author who does not complete this transition process registration by October 31st will be removed from our system and be taken out of print both with us and with Ingram and Ingram will destroy any remaining files in their system. Below are the instructions you need to follow to open your account with Ingram:

  1. You will need to go to Ingram Spark account setup – click and fill in the form to establish your account. You can do this at any time, starting today.

  2. Once your account is set up, you can make a “Title transfer request” by going to and filling out the details of your book including the ISBN number for your book.

  3. For questions about Ingram Spark, how it works, what you receive, etc. go to Ingram Spark website -

We think this transition will be the smoothest way to help you continue to have full access and sales of your book. If you have any questions, you can email me personally at But please check out the FAQs below first.

Also, I would like to add that Deep River Books, our main publishing platform, is looking for some quality NEW manuscripts. If you have any unpublished manuscript you would like to submit to us, please send it to and let him know you were a TB author with us and have another manuscript that needs publishing.

Bill Carmichael, CEO
TrustedBooks, a division of Deep River Books LLC

PS. Below are answers to some FAQs you may have about the transition:

Will I have all rights to my book under Ingram Spark?
Yes. You maintain ownership of the copyright on your book. But be aware that if you decide to discontinue the relationship with Ingram, the agreement you have with them stipulates that there is a required time limit allowed to have a title removed from distribution due to various agreements Ingram has with retail outlets for your book.

Will Ingram Spark pay me royalties on books sold, other than the books I personally order?
Yes, once you become the publisher. The publisher in this instance is the person who owns the Spark account, which you will own.

What percentage royalty will Ingram Spark pay me for books sold?
Publishers compensation is based on wholesale price minus print cost. Wholesale price is determined by you, as the publisher. Once the title is transferred to you, you are free to go in and adjust the list price and discount as desired for your titles.

Will my books cost me more than what I pay now?
For most books, they should cost you less because TrustedBooks will no longer be taking a margin. A few books with color and hard covers may cost more. There is a pricing device at Ingram Spark for you to be able to calculate how much your books will cost, depending on the quantity you order. Then, if needed for resale, you can adjust the retail price as mentioned in the FAQ above.

The Ingram Spark website says there is a $49 fee per book to set up per book. Am I to pay that?
No. Ingram has agreed to waive this fee since it is a transfer process from Trusted Books.

How much is the Ingram Spark annual distribution fee?
Ingram has agreed not to charge you an annual distribution fee for this year and currently has no plans to charge a fee for next year, but that could change in the future. But for now, you will not pay any annual charge.

Do I get any of my recent $40 annual fee I paid to Trusted Books back?
No. As mentioned above, we have negotiated with Ingram not to charge you the $49 upload fee to offset the previous fee we charged you for this year. And for the foreseeable future, you will not pay an annual fee, so this is a savings to you.

Will I need to have the Trusted Books imprint and ISBN number changed or removed?
No. We are not requiring you to remove the TB logo or get a new ISBN if you sign up with Ingram Spark. We will pass these on to you. However, you may want to come up with your own publishing logo and update the files at some point so you will be seen as the publisher of your book. It is optional, not required.

Where can I find the ISBN number for my book(s)?
Your ISBN is located on the back cover of your book and also on the copyright page inside the first page of your book. It is a 13-digit number that begins with the numbers “978” (plus 10 more unique numbers)

Will TrustedBooks be paying me for any royalties earned, prior to this turnover?
Yes. As you know, we do not send you any royalty report if your book has not had any sales. We do send out reports every six months for those books that have had sales in any six-month period. Any royalties we have from your title prior to the transition will be paid to you at the end of the next royalty reporting period ending December 31, 2021. We will not be sending a report if there are no sales of your book.

If I decide not to participate, is there a way for me to get my book files back?
Yes. Ingram has the only copy of your current files, and you will need to fill out the Ingram Spark account set up and then ask them to send you a copy of your files. You can then cancel your account with Ingram if you choose to do so. The fee that Ingram charges for your files is a $20 administration fee, plus $5 per title. However, if you do this, you will then need to change to a new ISBN number and remove all Trusted Book logos on the cover and interior of your book, before your book is published elsewhere.

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