As a registered DRB Global Connect Author, you have several choices on how to order your own books:


Our Full Service Partnership is the core of Deep River Books, and requires a minimum of 1,000 copies to enroll in the program. Depending on volume, authors can realize discounts from 30% to 75% off the retail price of their book. To learn more about the services and discounts we offer authors through this program, please click here. You can also visit the Deep River Books website to read more details about our innovative full-service publishing program.


Our GlobalConnect Print On Demand (POD) program allows the author to place orders of their books as they are needed, in much shorter quantities, and at excellent discounts off the retail price. This can be a great option for authors needing a faster turnaround time. It also provides uploads to the retail trade so your books can be found at major online sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as major distributors such as Ingram/Spring Arbor. And it offers very attractive royalties for all books sold in the retail trade. For more information on what is included in our POD program, please click here.

 are becoming an increasingly popular option among independent authors, helping them create a platform quickly and affordably. If you’d like more information about the cost of eBook conversion into the various formats for virtually all eReader applications,  please click here.