Publishing News

BookBaby Launches Direct-to-Consumer Book Retail Platform for Authors (DBW Daily) BookBaby, the publishing arm of CD Baby, the world’s largest distributor of independent music, is ready to start a whole new chapter with the opening of BookShop (, which will help authors connect directly with readers in ways they’ve never been able to before.

Future of Physical Books (NYT)
According to the New York Times, physical books are on their death bed. (This, of course, is untrue in myriad ways, but moving on….) So, what’s the afterlife for physical books?

Fastest Readers (Paste)
A lot of interesting info is coming out of ebook subscription services like Scribd. The latest: Which countries read the fastest. Germany tops the list. The U.S. is No. 14.

Print Books Better for Reading Comprehension, New Study Suggests (Las Cruces News)
Ignore the completely inaccurate headline the editors decided to give to this article. The meat of it is that a very small, unscientific study showed that kids show better reading comprehension and recall details better when reading print books.

A History of Amazon’s Ascendance (Investors Business Daily)
How did Amazon go from yet another “dotcom” about to go under to the Wall St. powerhouse it is today?

Most Americans Now Reading Ebooks? (DBW Daily)
A new poll by Harris Interactive, a Nielsen company, suggests they are.
The poll, conducted last month, found a majority of Americans reading ebooks. It estimates that share at 54%, a number far exceeding the 28% a Pew study reported in January. Requests for comment on this discrepancy were not returned.
Not only does the new poll indicate an unprecedented proportion of ebook readers in the U.S., it also found those who read ebooks actually read more books overall.