What is DRB GlobalConnect?

It is Deep River Books system that allows you to order your books direct at discount, find ancillary marketing tools you can use to help you sell your book, and access free author resources. It also provides the upload and access to the Global market where your book is offered for sale at bookstores, wholesale distributors, and online stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

How much is the annual maintenance fee for print books?

The annual maintenance fee is $40.

What imprint would my book have?

The DRB GlobalConnect imprint is “TrustedBooks’ a Division of Deep River Books.”

What discount will I receive for the books I order?

The standard discount for the books you order personally is 50% off the retail price.

Will my book be listed and sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, etc.? 

Yes. DRB GlobalConnect will put your book the market so that it is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, Ingram/Spring Arbor and can be ordered by virtually every brick and mortar bookstore in America, in addition to all of the major online stores and wholesale suppliers.

Is this market distribution plan offered at an additional cost to me?

No. It is included in the annual combined $40 maintenance fee you pay.

Will my book show up on your website?

Yes. We have designed a new DRB-TrustedBooks website and all TrustedBooks imprints are listed there.

Can readers order books directly from the Deep River Books website?

No. Readers will be able to see and “shop” for all books, but they are then referred to various retail outlets by a direct link where they can purchase it. This way we support all our retail suppliers rather than compete with them. And authors then are paid the royalty for the sale.

How are royalties paid and how can I find out how many books I’ve sold?

Royalties for all books, both print and eBooks will be paid monthly, 90 days following the sale. The 90 day wait is imposed to account for any returns. A report will be emailed and the check will follow in the mail. If there are no sales in a given month, there will be no report to send and no check will be sent.

What other features are included in the Annual Maintenance Fee?

Included in the $40 fee is unlimited access to the Author Resource Center. This is for the exclusive use of DRB authors and includes the latest articles on social network marketing, publishing news, tips for blogging, and other coaching materials to maximize marketing opportunities.

If I have more than one title at DRB GlobalConnect, will they be covered by one annual maintenance fee?

Due to record keeping and sales reports and payment of royalties, we will need to charge you the $40 fee for each title you have in the DBR Global Connect program. We also need to charge you $20 for each eBook we maintain for you.

Besides the annual maintenance fee for each of my books, would there be any other costs involved down the road?

The only added costs would be for any optional ancillary products or services you might select. All DRB authors have access to fee-based ancillary products and services such as customized marketing packages, customized websites, marketing products such as customized posters, postcards, and bookmarks; and other special author opportunities. As a DRB author, you would be entitled to a 15% discount on all fee based products and services ordered through your GlobalConnect portal. There are no hidden fees or costs that we will charge you.

If I desired to make small editing changes in my finished book, could you help me, and at what approximate cost?

The cost depends on what “small changes” are requested and would need to be assessed and priced on a case by case basis. If you wish to make changes in the content of your book, it may require some additional typesetting costs, and we would need an estimate from our team for that work.

I have a book that is “out of print.” Roughly, how long would it take to get my book back in print?

It should not take very long. If you do not have your files, we can make files from a print copy of your book. There is a fee for doing this, but digital files of your book can be made from a print copy of your book. We would be able to bring any book back in print if we have either the files or a print copy of the book in new or good condition. Based on the size of your book, we can give you an estimate.

Amazon still shows an older version of my book with the old ISBN. How can I get this removed?

Amazon tends to be a law unto themselves. We have requested they remove older out of print copies several times to no avail. Authors, as copyright holders, can write to their copyright office to request this and they will comply in ” removing the BUY button” but they insist on leaving the old version up with the old ISBN due to their ancillary member stores that sell used copies.  Unfortunately, we  have no control over the Amazon website and are powerless to fix this. We suggest you keep sending Amazon emails weekly requesting they list the new version with new ISBN up front so it shows up when typing in your title on the Amazon search. You can currently access  the new version at Amazon by typing in the ISBN and we suggest you use this method to link to your website and other social network links to your book.